2003 Schoolhouse Quilters Guild Quilt Show - Winners
Entry # Owner City   Quilt Name Category Award Award 2
89 Wilma L. Hinze LaVale MD Jacket Jazz Access. 1st JC
75 Karen Herriott Springfield WV Out of the Blue Access. 2nd  
248 Linda Leathersich Canisteo NY Collage Tote Bag Access. 3rd  
240 Renee Kiddy Cumberland MD Victorian Pillow Access. HON  
242 Renee Kiddy Cumberland MD Red & Green Applique 1st  
94 Nancy L. Brown Altoona PA Blooms & Baskets Applique 2nd  
217 Eleanor Johnson Cumberland MD Cindy Flower Garden Applique 3rd  
226 Mabel Stiles Kingwood WV Flower Garden Embroidery 1st  
181 Betty Laco Johnstown PA Embroidered Baskets Embroidery 2nd  
179 Betty Laco Johnstown PA Springtime Embroidery 3rd  
27 Schoolhouse Quilters' Guild Cumberland MD Patriotic Schoolhouse Group 1st JC
197 Betty Ann Twigg Flintstone MD Star Group 2nd  
115 Creative Needle Quilters LaVale MD Banner Group 3rd  
103 Judith McLean Hagerstown MD Auntie's Flower Garden Juvenile 1st  
230 Karen Davis Morgantown WV Nursery Rhyme 9 Patch Juvenile 2nd  
220 Kieran Adams Grantsville MD Rail Fence Kids Wk 1st  
221 Emily Hoffer Baltimore MD Traveling Turtles Kids Wk 2nd  
28 Brittany Reuschlein Elkton MD School Days Kids Wk 3rd  
29 Nathan Reuschlein Elkton MD The Little Man in the Window Kids Wk 3rd  
80 Janice Beall Cumberland MD New York Liberty Miniature 1st  
268 Linda Leathersich Canisteo NY Crazy Quilt Miniature - SA 2nd  
22 Gayle Anderson LaVale MD Chopped Stix Miniature - SA 3rd  
118 Judy Tenney Buckhannon WV Scarborough Fair Mixed Tech 1st BOS
119 Judy Tenney Buckhannon WV Mariner Compass Mixed Tech 2nd  
182 Pat Prodonovich Hagerstown MD Nine Patch/Hourglass Mixed Tech 3rd  
194 Phyllis Brotermarkle Rawlings MD Memories Mixed Tech 3rd
132 Beverly Beard Oakland MD Denium Novelty 2nd JC
134 Ella McCullough Flintstone MD Cathedral Windows Novelty 3rd  
266 Barb Montag Buffalo Mills PA Barb's Birdhouses Novelty HON  
256 Linda Leathersich Conisteo NY Log Cabin Pieced 1st BMQ
91 Marj Coffey Green Spring WV Double Wedding Ring Pieced 2nd  
213 Jane Frenke Berkeley Springs WV Imuri Pieced 3rd  
70 Martha Strickland LaVale MD Stars in my Teapots Pieced HON BHQ
73 Karen Herriott Springfield WV Triple Irish Chain Pieced HON  
104 Judith McLean Hagerstown MD Christmas Stars Pieced HON  
108 Judith McLean Hagerstown MD Civil War Stars Pieced HON  
136 Mary Twigg LaVale MD 3 Generation Quilt Pieced HON  
172 Mitzi DeMoss Cumberland MD Pentagon Pieced HON  
183 Pat Prodonovich Hagerstown MD Twilight Star Pieced HON  
234 Ginny Moran Cumberland MD Cabin in Spring Pieced JC  
175 Laura Chaskes Berkeley Springs WV Dear Jane Wallhng-lg 1st  
66 Linda Miller Hagerstown MD Bargello Wallhng-lg 2nd JC
67 Linda Miller Hagerstown MD Offwhite Wallhng-lg 3rd  
32 Linda Reuschlein LaVale MD Baltimore, a Memory Wallhng-sm 1st PC
30 Linda Reuschlein LaVale MD Purple Poppies Wallhng-sm 2nd  
78 Gayle Anderson LaVale MD Order from Chaos Wallhng-sm 3rd  
250 Linda Leathersich Canisteo NY Original Wholecloth 1st  
149 Ruth Romesberg Myersdale PA Blue Grapes Wholecloth 2nd  
176 Marty Brown Hedgesville WV White work-Osage County Wholecloth 3rd  
BOS = Best of Show Access = Accessories
JC = Judges Choice Mixed Tech = Mixed Technique
HON = Honorable Mention Wallhng-lg = Wallhanging Large
BMQ = Best Machine Quilting Wallhng-sm = Wallhanging Small
BHQ = Best Hand Quilting
PC = Peoples Choice