2013 Schoolhouse Quilters Guild Show Winners
Num Name Category Quilt Name Award 1 Award 2
138 Dot Leasure Accessories Pillow Talk 1st  
297 Carol Hobbs Accessories Crazy Quilt Shawl 2nd  
214 Leola Saville Accessories Quilted Jacket 3rd  
192 Dot Leasure Accessories Ruched Heart HM  
240 Shirley Wallace Applique Sincerely Yours 1st BOS
74 Martha McGettigan Applique Hop To It 2nd  
228 Jacqueline Snelson Applique Hawaiian 3rd  
250 Cheryl Sessler Art Explosion Poppy 1st  
249 Jamie Martinez Art Explosion Floating Philodendron 2nd  
273 Lita Havens Art Explosion The Original Webmasters 3rd  
55 Ann Kelsall Art Explosion Life Against the Wall HM  
215 Leola Saville Art Explosion October's Moon HM  
53 Ann Kelsall Embroidery Caladium for Ilze 1st  
296 Mable Stiles Embroidery Flower Park 2nd  
40 Elaine Long Embroidery A Tribute to Mother 3rd  
78 Judy Stouffer Embroidery My Embroidery Sampler Quilt PC  
207 Holley Schewe First Quilt I had to start with humongous 1st  
88 Iris Wilkinson First Quilt   2nd  
197 Schoolhouse Quilters Guild Group More Wildflowers 1st  
152 Karen Herriott Group One Bridge, Six Artists 2nd JC
154 Karen Herriott Group Gateway to the Past 3rd  
46 Mimi Demaree Group The View from Grandmother's Porch HM  
33 Linda Myers Juvenile Favorite Reads 1st  
35 Linda Myers Juvenile Basketweave 2nd  
236 Mary Ann Simpson Juvenile Reagan's 4 Patch explosion 3rd  
243 Alexandra Jackson Kid's Work Butterfly, Fly away 1st  
165 Dot Leasure Miniature Spring,Summer Winter,Fall 1st  
136 Elaine Reuschlein Miniature Granny's Flower Garden 2nd  
65 Janice Beall Miniature Market Day 3rd  
106 Hilke Hoefer Miniature Mini Fini HM  
48 Linda Reuschlein Mixed Wild Flowers 1st  
75 Martha McGettigan Mixed Colorful Spools 2nd  
200 Joan Chaney Mixed Fans by the Cabin 3rd  
39 Elaine Long Mixed Winter's Majesty HM  
205 Maureen Wysopal Mixed Grandmother's Garden HM  
47 Linda Reuschlein Novelty Vic 1st  
131 Barbara Montag Novelty Mema's Memories of Maggie 2nd  
284 Suzanne Cawley Novelty Celanese Bathroom babes #2 3rd  
195 Sharon Diehl Novelty   HM  
70 Eileen Billey Pieced-HQ Dozens of Dainty Dresdens 1st  
61 Patty Prodonovich Pieced-HQ Linked Squares 2nd BHQ
199 Joan Chaney Pieced-HQ Red & White Feathered & Lemoyne Star 3rd  
202 Maureen Wysopal Pieced-HQ Scrappy Time Span HM  
18 Marjorie Coffey Pieced-LA Oriental Blossoms 1st JC
16 Marjorie Coffey Pieced-LA Southwest Braided Quilt 2nd  
245 Libby Goulionis Pieced-LA Dresden Plate 3rd  
244 Libby Goulionis Pieced-LA Stars Over The Prairie HM BLAQ
30 Marlene Foley Pieced-LA Peacocks and Flowers HM  
87 Elizabeth Lantz Pieced-LA   HM  
8 Freda Thawley Pieced-LA Twilight JC  
76 Martha McGettigan Pieced-LA Every Which Way (Turtles) JC  
32 Jay Tarleton Pieced-MQ Jay's Last Quilt 1st  
4 Renee Kiddy Pieced-MQ A Walk on the Wild Side 2nd BMQ
277 Carol White Pieced-MQ Butterfly Quilt 3rd  
276 Carol White Pieced-MQ Bearpaw Quilt HM  
50 Linda Reuschlein Silent Auction Sunshine & Rosebuds 1st  
156 Elaine Reuschlein Silent Auction Diane's Applique Flowers 2nd  
147 Judy Robinette Silent Auction The Witch is in 3rd  
77 Peggy Black Wallhanging-large Fracture 1 1st BUC
211 Leola Saville Wallhanging-large Mariner's Window 2nd  
34 Linda Myers Wallhanging-large Disappearing 4 Patch 3rd  
72 Lois Hatleberg Wallhanging-large Winding Waves  HM  
241 Shirley Wallace Wallhanging-large A Duck Says Quack HM  
73 Lois Hatleberg Wallhanging-small Wreaths of Hearts 1st  
100 Ann C Darling Wallhanging-small Leaves…Cacapon State Park 2nd  
54 Ann Kelsall Wallhanging-small Supernova 3rd  
96 Ann C Darling Wallhanging-small Memories…a French Countryside HM  
97 Ann C Darling Wallhanging-small A Community of Color HM  
259 Janice Beall Wallhanging-small The core HM  
58 Barbara Dahlberg Wallhanging-small A Questionable Tale MC  
94 Nancy Hamilton War of 1812 Challenge War of 1812 1st JC
146 Judy Robinette War of 1812 Challenge War of 1812 2nd  
10 Anne Henderson War of 1812 Challenge War of 1812 3rd  
300 Suzanne Cawley War of 1812 Challenge Women of the War HM  
144 Martha Strickland War of 1812 Challenge Dolley Madison's Star JC  
  BHQ=Best Hand Qltng   HQ=Hand Quilted    
  BLAQ=Best Longarm Quiltng JC=Judges Choice    
  BMQ=Best Machine Qltng   LA=Longarm Quilted    
  BOS=Best of Show   MC=Marjorie Coffey Award    
  BUC=Best Use of Color   MQ=Machine Quilted    
  HM=Honorable Mention   PC=Peoples Choice